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Want to Effortlessly Attract Your Dream Clients to Your Innovative Offer?

If you haven’t been getting the traction you want with your offer… It’s not your fault.

That’s because most marketing methods don’t dive deep into the aspirations of your clients.

They’re mostly surface-based and only address the superficial issue that your product or service solves.

When prospects read your copy, they may relate, but they’re not deeply moved.

The breakthrough in copywriting you’re about to see is totally different.

It’s a brand new way of attracting clients and not just any clients… your ideal clients.

This breakthrough is called Compassionate Copywriting™.

It combines the grace of ballet, the logic of math, and the art of storytelling to captivate your audience and inspire action.

With empathy, we tap into aspirations that you may have never considered before.

The result? Your ideal clients are not just interested — they’re eager to work with you.

You’ll never see client attraction the same way again.

Ready to apply this innovative approach to your business?

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Attract Your Ideal Clients with a Blend of Empathy, Innovation, and Conversion-Focused Content Marketing

Lori M. Dean, Your Compassionate Copywriter

Drawing on my unique blend as a ballet dancer, math whiz, and storyteller, I craft content marketing strategies that deeply resonate.

I immerse myself in your business to deeply understand your offerings and audience.

This exploration is fueled by empathy and analytical precision. With this knowledge I transform complex concepts into engaging content that ranks on search engines.

I integrate storytelling with targeted website content and email sales systems to enhance engagement and conversions — driving impactful growth.

Beyond just numbers, I aim to nurture communities and inspire change, elevating your brand’s vision and impact.

Let’s use precise content marketing systems with compelling storytelling to attract your dream clients, connect with them, and inspire action.

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Turning Vision into Victory: Scot’s Business Breakthrough

Scot Rogers, a passionate car enthusiast, transitioned from military service to entrepreneurship, launching his own auto detailing business.

His expertise in auto detailing was unparalleled, but articulating the value of his services in words was not, especially for ceramic coatings, which many of his customers were unfamiliar with.

This is where I come in with Compassionate Copywriting™.

Through local SEO, targeted ads, educational emails, and text campaigns, I highlighted Scot’s veteran-owned business and the dual benefits of ceramic coatings — maintenance ease and paint protection.

The result?

A 40% sales increase and double the ceramic coating bookings. Plus, peace of mind and many shiny vehicles for his customers. Win-win!

Scot also expanded his business by hiring two more employees to serve his new customers.

This shows the power of the right message to attract the right customers.

Lori helped me achieve a 40% increase in sales.

Lori helped me achieve a 40% increase in sales and double my ceramic coating sales last year.

She is also flexible in working with my CRM program and coordinating with my business coach creating efficiency in my marketing efforts.

I look forward to working with her this next year and years to come.

— Scot Rogers, Finishing Touch Detail

Are You Ready to Transform Your Vision into Victory?

Convert More of Your Ideal Clients Effortlessly with Optimized Website Content

My approach to copywriting is deeply influenced by a unique blend of experiences — the discipline and grace of a ballet dancer, the logic of a mathematician, and the art of storytelling.

This fusion empowers me to offer businesses a holistic, conversion-focused website content strategy that nurtures relationships, builds trust, and transforms prospects into loyal customers.

The result is engaging content that goes beyond the website to build relationships with your ideal clients. I help you accomplish this by demonstrating your expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) — a combination that search engines use to rank your online content.

By crafting educational, value-driven blog posts and email newsletters that strike a chord with your audience’s deepest desires, I help you resonate on a level that goes beyond mere words and your website.

Website Content that Ranks and Converts

Watch your conversion-focused website content unfold as a compelling clear journey from curiosity to conversion.

Each web page becomes a chapter that educates, builds trust, and piques curiosity. I specialize in crafting website content for visionary businesses seeking to make a meaningful impact.

From the home page to post-purchase follow-ups, each piece of content is an opportunity for discovery and connection with your audience.

By strategically guiding leads to take action, your website becomes a powerful tool for generating consistent revenue.

With Compassionate Copywriting™ plus an SEO edge, your website will:

  • Engage readers with compelling stories and valuable insights

  • Educate your audience and showcase your expertise

  • Build trust by providing consistent value and unique perspectives

  • Inspire action with clear calls-to-action and irresistible offers

  • Increase customer lifetime value through relationship-building

Whether you need a one-time website content makeover or ongoing nurture content like blog posts, case studies, email newsletters, and more, I’m here to help you leverage your content for your business.

Together, we’ll create a website that captivate your audience, provide immense value, and convert them into loyal customers and raving fans.

Are You Ready to Convert More of Your Ideal Clients and Boost Sales on Autopilot?

Bridging Communication Gaps to Transform Innovative Solutions Into Money-Making Machines

Visionary business owners and their technical teams know that innovation is key to breaking into any market.

However, articulating their offer to the audiences they aim to serve often presents a challenge.

This is where I come in.

I grasp the technical jargon of engineers and technical team members as well as the needs and desires of their audience.

When I see a product and learn about its features, I see possibility. I envision how it can change lives and make an impact.

My unique perspective is crucial to translating complex concepts into compelling narratives that resonate — driving sales and fostering early market adoption.

Diluting Complexity, Concentrating Revenue: State Industrial Products’ Profitable Triumph with One Solution™

My work with State Industrial Products on their innovative One Solution™ product line exemplifies this approach.

I was tasked with creating content marketing materials for this groundbreaking system for dispensing concentrated cleaning products.

At first glance, this concept might not seem extraordinary, but it was revolutionary at the time.

It not only improved cleaning efficiency and workplace safety but also provided significant cost savings for businesses.

I collaborated with a product development consultant from Germany, whose second language was English. Thus, I was translating not only technical jargon but also navigating subtle language nuances.

Together, we developed a strategy that highlighted the system’s ease of use for cleaning staff and its cost-effectiveness to business owners.

We also employed an innovative content marketing approach that created personalized marketing materials for closing large accounts.

These marketing materials served as essential sales tools to secure large corporate and national accounts, with custom diagrams illustrating the One Solution™ line’s ease of use and its cost savings.

This strategy and the innovative One Solution™ product line transformed State Industrial Products’ concentrated cleaning products into a money-making machine that continues to produce revenue after more than 20 years.

This breakthrough marked a significant milestone in the commercial cleaning industry.

Tim Gale, shared his experience of partnering with me on State Industrial Products’ One Solution™:

Lori has the unique ability to take concepts developed by engineers and technical team members and develop literature that easily conveys the products intended use in an easy to understand format.

Working with Lori on State Industrial Products One Solution product line was a great experience.

She was dedicated, hardworking, and always developed a good solution on time.

I will continue to use Lori’s expertise as often as possible to develop brochures and product labels.

— Tim Gale, Manufacturing Manager, State Industrial Products

Ready to Transform Your Innovative Offer into a Revenue-Generating Powerhouse?

Let’s transform the market’s perception to embrace your innovation.

Together, we’ll elevate your messaging beyond mere explanation to spark excitement — converting your audience into loyal customers and enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

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QBO Training

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Discover How Creativity, Innovation, and Precision Elevate Brands and Drive Business Growth

Working with Lori was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Lori was so easy to work with, quickly understood the vision we had, and translated it into the website of our dreams with a highly professional approach.

Working with Lori was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

— Jocelyn Eikenburg
Co-founder, Justice for Jun

Lori asks the right questions and offers innovative solutions.

Lori asks the right questions and offers innovative solutions.

Her work speaks for itself in both quality and creativity.

— Erin Giddings
Art Director, Art of Beauty
(Makers of Zoya and Qtica)

Lori is professional, easy to work with and incredibly talented.

Lori is professional, easy to work with and incredibly talented.

She is constantly mindful of meeting deadlines, staying within budget and being as error-free as possible.

Senior Graphic Designer,

Nationwide Better Health

(formerly WellCorp, Inc.)

Lori is very precise in her work.

Lori is very precise in her work. She always finished her work on time and when she finished a project it was exactly what we wanted done.

— Mark BEcka
Product Manager
State Industrial Products

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